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Portrait Photography

JAMAX Photography is a London based portrait photography service, creating portraits and headshots clients want. Portraits are used by clients for corporate purposes such as their website, marketing material, or online presence. Self portraits are also popular amongst customers who want to develop personal  portfolios, or to capture personal pictures to celebrate milestones to simply to display in their home. 

Fashion Photography

Portrait Photography Services

JAMAX photography offers portrait photography services to suit different customers needs. We provide photos for both corporate and individuals.


Services include: 

  • Professional Portraits

  • Personal Self Portraits 

  • Headshots 

Don't worry we understand that not everyone likes getting their photo taken. Whether you need a portrait photo for a professional headshot on your LinkedIn profile or a portrait to look back on with family for years to come, JAMAX photography makes the process relaxed and stress-free for an enjoyable photoshoot experience. 

Contact JAMAX Photography today and we can have a chat about the portrait photoshoot you want. Simply fill out the contact form or send an email to

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